The Lone Ranger has found it’s “black hat” in William Fichtner

With Dwight Yoakam’s recent departure from the productiont, Gore Verbinski’s Lone Ranger was left without a main villain. But now it’s time for veteran TV and film actor William Fichner to begin dusting off his black Stetson and practicing his mustache twirling, as he has been cast as the main antagonist to Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp’s masked lawman and sidekick Tonto, respectively.

A perennial presence in films and TV over the last decade and a half, Fichtner is a talented actor who has played pretty much every type of role under the sun, but definitely has a penchant for the bad guys. As was evidenced by his most recent sole-redeeming-feature performance as the devilish Accountant in Nic Cage’s shlockfest, Drive Angry. In Lone Ranger, he’ll be taking up the role of Butch Cavendish, the titular leader of the brutal Cavendish Gang.

Thus far not much known is known about this Jerry Bruckheimer produced reboot of the classic pulp lawman, as all story elements are being kept tightly under wraps. The film ran into budget and production issues in last year, but has been moving ahead steadily recently, and is now scheduled for a May 2013 release.

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