Chris Columbus is headed for the Home Front


No, not that directionally challenged Spanish guy who drunkenly stumbled across America, I’m talking about Chris Columbus of Home Alone and Harry Potter fame. The highly successful director has just recently finished producing Oscar winner, The Help, but will be going back behind the camera for an adaptation of Kristin Hannah’s best selling novel, Home Front.

The book tells of the grueling effects that war has on an American family, and while that sounds like typical Hallmark Channel malarky, it tells its story from a very different viewpoint to what we’re normally used to. The tale chronicles the story of a wife and mother, who also happens to be a Blackhawk chopper pilot and what she and her family go through when she is called up for service in Iraq.

Actually, I take that back, that still sounds like the type of soft-focus, made-for-TV movies that Hallmark churn out on an almost weekly basis. The difference here is that with the talented Columbus at the helm, we can hopefully get a gripping tale that shirks the predictable melodrama and flag waving. Judging by this statement to Deadline, Columbus certainly appears to think that the story is worth it:

“I was blown away by this book, I simply could not put it down. It told the story about the cost of war from a completely unique perspective: what happens when a wife and mother is called into action and how her family adjusts to life without her…and to a changed life upon her return. Home Front not only portrays the great sacrifices our military makes for us, but depicts so powerfully the hidden sacrifices their families make as well.”

No casting or release date news thus far.

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