Feetal’s Gizz! Is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson going to be Lobo?

Now, before you start breaking out the beers, this one is still about as rumoury as you can get, but it does make a logical sort of sense.

Remember that tweet from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, hinting at some sort of involvement in a DC superhero movie soon? Well, except for that single enigmatic line of text, there was no further info given at the time or since. But according to an “untested, unknown source” at BleedingCool, The People’s Champ may just be hitting rock bottom in outer space as the fraggin’ Main Man, Lobo!

The source apparently came by this information after overhearing The Rock himself tell fellow guests at a Hollywood party that he would be donning the leather and meat-hook chains. And while that is the end of the “evidence” – if you can even call it that – it does sound pretty intriguing.

We know that a Lobo adaptation is back on the cards, and will be directed by Brad Peyton. Peyton’s last film? Journey 2 the Mysterious Island, starring none other than Mr People’s Eyebrow himself, Dwayne Johnson. And one of the biggest hurdles facing Peyton in bringing this story to the big screen would always have been finding a decent actor that’s also a suitable physical match for the foul mouthed anti-hero. And while a whole lot of make-up would still be required to realize the last Czarnian’s alien features, the hulking Johnson is undoubtedly already mostly there when it comes to body type.

So what do you fragging bastiches think? Would The Rock make a good Lobo?


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  • Lardus

    Regarding actors/performers I know of with even remotely the right body type (without much “enhancements” and some skills performing in front of a camera, I would say he fits the best. If they nail the story, lead actor and not “babyfy” the movie for a lower rating, this could be EPIC!