Looks like Robocop has found his villain, with a bit of Laurie

As much as we love the original Robocop, from it’s sleek design, real world satire and relentless action, it’s also the villains that made that film so memorable.

Sure, white collar thugs with agendas may have been pulling all the wires, but it’s Kurtwood Smith and Ronny Cox especially, who really stole the show.

And now, the Reboot-Cop has found it’s principal antagonist.

With  a cast that includes Joel Kinnaman in the title cybernetics, Gary Oldman as his creator and Samuel L Jackson as a TV personality, the film is shaping up pretty well so far.

According to Variety, Hugh “House” Laurie is in talks to join the film, as the primary villain. But don’t start practicing a British-accented version of “Can you fly?” just yet, because it appears that Laurie will be donning a white collar as the head of Omni Corp, the company responsible for initiating the Robocop project.

Sounds pretty awesome so far, and lets hope that the film manages to cast a street level villain next, for the upcoming film, when they start shooting later this year.


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