Frodo is a bloodthirsty MANIAC in this new Red Band trailer

While Elijah Wood is about to reprise his biggest (or is that smallest?) and most well known role in The Hobbit, that doesn’t mean he isn’t branching out into other projects to break away from being associated with the character of Frodo Baggins. For example, keeping a collection of creepy mannequins and violently scalping women.

Yep, that last bit is definitely not something Frodo would do. Not even to that harlot Rosie for stealing his BFF, Samwise.

We’ve seen a trailer for the first-person slasher film, Maniac, before, but this new really NSFW one shows just how violent that movie will get. Spoiler alert: Very.

Franck Khalfoun directs the remake of William Lustig’s brutal 1980 film “Maniac.” The original is about a schizoid serial killer who randomly stalks and kills various young women in New York, which he sees as revenge for the mistreatment he got while being raised by his own abusive mother. In the remake, Nora Arnezedar plays an artist terrorized by Elijah Wood as the killer/maniac.

Nope. Definitely not how Frodo would act. Written and produced by High Tension‘s Alejandre Aja, this certainly seems to have creepy angle covered, but the biggest gamble is going to be how the first person perspective approach pans out. That could truly make this movie sink or swim. In blood. It will sink or swim in copious amounts of blood.

Also, this film is just another piece to add to my ever growing mountain of evidence that you should never trust a man with a pencil thin moustache.

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  • Wow, very NSFW. The first person stuff will be interesting. I doubt it will be a blockbuster – too experimental and violent. But it might become a cult classic, alongside stuff like Antichrist.