Sharlto Copley is getting spacey in this first teaser trailer for EUROPA REPORT

With all the talk of returning Jedi’s, time travelling hitmen and scientists allergic to sidestepping over the last couple of months, there’s another sci-fi movie announced earlier in the year that just completely slipped under the radar. All we’ve seen thus far from Europa Report was the announcement and photo of ex-pat local boytjie Sharlto Copley drifting in space in an astronaut’s suit.

But now we’ve got a new teaser trailer and some plot info, and it’s starting to look pretty intriguing.

A group of astronauts, handpicked from around the world, make the arduous journey to Jupiter’s frigid, glacial moon Europa in search of extraterrestrial life. The only thing more intimidating and unpredictable than the trip itself is what the team will encounter upon arrival…

Yes, OK, that doesn’t really give away much, but I am liking the very real world look and feel of what I’m seeing thus far. Maybe it’s just that realness coupled with the setting, but I’m getting an Arthur C. Clarke vibe from this, which is definitely never a bad thing. That type of slow burn, claustrophobic and unsettling science-fiction is the kind I really love (No, just having exploding CGI robots in a movie doesn’t make it sci-fi, if you ask me) so this has definitely jumped right up next to Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity on my list of most anticipated sci-fi movies in 2013. Composer Bear (The Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica) McCreary’s score also seems to be helping matters along rather nicely., who posted the teaser trailer, have been privy to a set visit and cast and crew interviews thus far, but they’ve had to hold back on what they learned, probably due to a NDA. However, despite not spilling any beans they are hinting pretty strongly that this is one to keep an eye on. A bit of a search around the net have revealed that others who have some similar info, but who also can’t divulge anything yet, seem to agree.

With Copley and the ever-reliable Michael Nyquist (Original Swedish The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) leading the cast, and being directed by Sebastian Cordero, who wrote and directed the rather good Crónicas in 2004, I’m inclined to believe them.

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  • Rincethis

    As long as it doesn’t turn into a ‘bugs that invade their suits’ movie, then it could be epic. Very much with you on the ACK vibe, 2001 awesome!

  • Well, about time we got a movie to that Moon. 2010 came close, but not close enough…