The next Morgan Spurlock film will be about… A boy band called ONE DIRECTION?

Morgan Spurlock, an infamous documentary maker who put his own health on the line with the breakthrough film Super-Size Me. Since then, he’s followed that effort up with similar documentaries, but for his next film, he’s really going out on a wire.

So prepare yourselves for the next Spurlock film, which will be about… A boy band?

Spurlock will be directing a movie based on the young group, who made their name known in the X Factor talent show. I honestly don’t know much more about One Direction, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that they sing songs about how they’ll love ladies tender while performing energetic dance moves.

Their debut album sold three million, and they’ve got several platinum songs in their repertoire as well, so clearly, these kids are making some serious cash.

A concert film of the One Direction group is due out later this year, but the Spurlock effort will be a different venture altogether, due for release next year August.

There’s no word yet on what the movie will be about, but I’m hoping that it’s not an attempt to copycat the Spice Girls movie that came out several years ago that mixed music with camp.

As for why the hell Spurlock would want to take on a project such as this, I’m guessing money. Ka Ching!

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