Tom Hardy is on for SPLINTER CELL

With Ubisoft getting a tad too hopeful as it aims to push Assassin’s Creed into theatres sometime next year, the game developer and publisher is already looking to get a second project off the ground, based on a popular Tom Clancy creation.

They’re looking to bring the shadowy world of espionage and conspiracies to light, in the form of the long-running Splinter Cell series of games, as they’ve managed to not only snag a writer for that adaptation, but the back-breaking services of Bane himself, Tom Hardy, for the lead role of Sam Fisher.

Eric Singer has been tapped to write a script based on the series of games, and with several titles released overthe last decade, he’ll have plenty of material to work with at least.

Based on the exploits of government operative Sam Fisher, Splinter Cell follows his missions around the world as he combats terrorism and internal conspiracies, with a tactical support team by his side.

It’s a great series of games overall, with the previous title, Conviction, putting Fisher at odds with his own government  while a new title, Blacklist, stars the espionage agent back on the hunt to stop global terrorism.

While Hardy is signed up for the role right now, it might still be a while before he starts doing any work on it, as he’s busy with the latest Mad Max film from director George Miller, Fury Road, as well as a story of the George Mallory ascent up Mt Everest and some anti-animal poaching work also on his slate right now.

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    I’m going to stealthily cripple you and cause you enduring amounts of pain, once your terrorist buddies have given up on you….then you have my permission to die.

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    AC movie!
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