Peter Stomare joins what could be the greatest horror film of all time…CLOWN

I’ve watched all the Chucky films. I’ve seen Cabin Fever, SAW and Hostel. I once endured the holiday videos and slides of my distantly related family. But nothing, NOTHING has prepared for a film that taps into an elemental fear, an instinctual hatred for floppy shoes, red noses, greasepaint and cars that far too over the regular capacity for seated persons.

I’m talking about…clowns!

That’s the name of the game with this film, as Eli Roth is looking to produce the nightmare fuel of Clown, once he wraps up shooting on The Green Inferno.

Jon Watts is directing the film, and with co-scripting duties alongside CD Ford, it sounds terrifying. The movie follows a dad, played by Andy Powers, who decides to dress up as a clown, when the entertainer that he hired for his son’s birthday bails on him.

The only problem though, is that the clown suit that he dons, happens to be cursed, and he finds himself unable to remove it. So Powers has to live life as the cruellest joke that the gods could inflict upon mankind for not worshipping them anymore.

Laura Allen will be playing the wife of the chronic nose-honker, while Stormare will appear as an expert in occult clown lore, who arrives to help remove the wonky car curse.

Sweet Reggies mascot, typing that gave me the cold shivers. Brrrrr…


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  • Sound kuk….. I’m in.

  • Apparently the fear of clowns today is largely due to how clowns are portrayed in horror…