There will be a PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 for 2013

“I never saw this coming!” said no one, ever. Yep, looks like next year will see another Paranormal Activity film, as the fourth entry in the series has proven to be another money-maker, for who knows what reason.

I’m guessing blackmail and black magic.

There’s no details, no directors confirmed, actors cast, scripts in place or whether or not the next film will be a sequel or a prequel, but at least the fifth film has a release date locked in.

Paranormal Activity 5 will be out in time for Halloween next year. Whether Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman return for a third outing is unclear, but hopefully PA5 can expand further on the plot details that were introduced this year into the sequel, including the identity to Hunter.

I still get the feeling thatg these films are made with about as much planning as a MacGuyver escape theme, but who am I to argue with a film that made over $135 million globally from a $5 million budget.



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  • Rincethis

    Oh for fu**sake! Not another one!

  • I am yet still to actually watch any PA movies. Not because I’m scared or anything, of course.

  • Hey, haters gonna hate. #2 was the weakest so far, I’m quite fond of these. Kervyn, please do – not all in a row though else you’ll get sensitised to the fear. It’s all about the experience.

  • mari

    cnt wait:D