END OF WATCH arrives on Blu-Ray/DVD next year

End of Watch, despite being a well received film, didn’t exactly make a ton of scratch at the box office this year. Still, the film was made on a tiny budget, and in that respect, it more than made it’s cash back.

With it’s cinema run finished (In the US of A), End of Watch is heading to those HD fields of Blu Ray and DVD, next year. Here’s what Universal Studios is packing onto that disc.

End of Watch will be out next year January, and will be packed with the usual trailers, features and deleted scenes that is the norm these days. Oh, it’s also out locally on December 21, so yay delayed releases and stuff. I asked Kervyn if the film is any good, seeing as he how managed to sneak a peek at it in a press screening, but he just smiled and then winked at me. Creepy. Expect that review shortly before the film arrives.

Here’s the full list of what to expect;

  • “Fate with a Badge”
  • “In the Streets”
  • “Women on Watch”
  • “Watch Your Six”
  • “Honors”
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Feature Commentary with director David Ayer

Made with a $7 million budget, End of Watch followed LAPD officers Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña as they cracked cases and skulls in the heart of one of the most dangerous areas in that city. More than a cop drama, the film also explored the lives of the two men on that thin blue line, with grim and gritty realism.

Director David Ayer went through quite a few loops to get the film made, and it should be interesting to hear what he has to say in the commentary. Plus, I’d like a few new Blu-Rays for my Birthday next year.

Just sayin’.

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