Is the world ready for a Susan Boyle biopic?

Dammit, I hate it when I’m super-right. I’ve spoken before about musicians possibly being the next big fad in Hollywood, from Marvin Gaye to Jimi Hendrix, and now, it looks like someone else who dreamed a dream, may be getting her big shot on the big screen.

Because Susan Boyle might just be perfect autobiographical musician material, y’know.

Boyle may not have been on TV for quite a while now (Except for that one hilarious episode of Futurama), but she’s still an endearing icon of Britain’s Got Talent.

Fox Searchlight is looking to make the next move to raise worldwide awareness of her further, by teaming up with Lucas Webb to create a film that combines her life story with the musical of all her hit song, I dreamed a dream.

By combining them both, the idea is to create one film that chronicles her life of being an unattractive Socttish housewife to the pressures she has had to deal with as a flavour of the week singing sensation.

No writers or directors have been found yet for the project, but expect Fox to strike while the curling iron is hot. And coming up next year, that fat guy who can sing that one opera song really well on reality shows, will also be getting the movie treatment (Citation needed).

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