Kellan Lutz has a kill contract to ink in TATUA

Assassin films are a dime a dozen, almost as prevalent as balloon vendors during any scene that involves a sniper rifle on a rooftop. So what do you do to create something that stands apart from all the other contract killers out there?

Why you enlist comic book geniuses Paul Jenkins and Rob Prior to come up with a novel approach, while thrusting Twilight muscle mime Kellan Lutz into the lead role, that’s what!

From the fevered minds of Jenkins and Prior, Tatua will see Lutz as a hitman with a rare blood type that allows him to be tattooed with special ink. With that ink, he can then summon weapons, objects which are on a time limit thanks to the mixture of blood, adrenaline and tattoo ingredients.

Once the weapons have passed their ink-by-date, they begin to disssolve, leaving no trace whatsoever. Of course, the process is rather painful to have a few AK47’s added to his walking arsenal of eperdermis designs, but they’re useful, as Lutz is busy searching for his kidnapped son.

Aaron Sims is helming the project, thanks to his impressive work on the short film Archetye (See below), while Rick Scwartz is on board to produce. A $15 million budget has been secured, and shooting kicks off next year March in Canada.

Visually, it sounds like a great concept. Let’s hope that it has the heart to match it as well.


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