This surreal first trailer gives us A GLIMPSE INSIDE THE MIND OF CHARLES SWAN III

We’ve all been there, right? You’re living the life, everything’s going great, and then your world is shattered by your girlfriend ripping out your heart like she’s in an Indiana Jones movie, so you retreat into this imaginary world in your head filled with Jewish cowboys, sexy Indians, hot dog couches and the Secret Society of Ball Busters.

No? Just me and Charlie Sheen then? Damn, Charlie where did you get these drugs?

Set in a stylized world, a skewed version of contemporary Hollywood, Charles Swan (Charlie Sheen), a famous graphic designer, has a charmed life that begins to fall apart when girlfriend Ivana abruptly ends their romance. Swan turns to his fellow travelers Kirby (Jason Schwartzman), Saul (Bill Murray) and sister Izzy (Patricia Arquette) when the going gets rough.

When you’re a filmmaker and your surname is Coppola, as in related to Francis Ford Coppala, then you sort of have a lot to live up to. Nicolas Cage, Coppola’s nephew, must have paid a gypsy back in the day to see into his future and once she told him all the poop he was going to be in, he immediately changed it to save his family name.

Roman Coppola (the son) seems to not have got that memo. It’s not that A Glimpse… looks terrible, I mean nothing with Bill Murray in it can look completely terrible, it just seems like it will elicit nothing more than mild amusement. And middle of the road, is often way worse than actually sucking completely. Just ask Nicolas Cage, that guy knows how to make a bad movie to stay in people’s thoughts.

Along with the trailer, the film has also seen a series of posters produced that proves that Charlie Sheen probably provided copious amounts of narcotics for all on set.

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  • It has an interesting vibe – if it’s not too pretentious, Sheen might have his comeback movie. The cast certainly makes this worth keeping an eye on.