Guillermo Del Toro is already working on a sequel for PACIFIC RIM

Take a look at Pacific Rim. On the surface, it’s got some great actors, expert guidance from director Guillermo Del Toro and a decent popcorn film premise. But more importantly, it has giant robots fighting the bastard offspring of all those monsters from the Godzilla films that were left alone on Monster Island. That spells success to me, and with a formula like that, a sequel has to be inevitable. And yes, yes it is.

Is it too soon to really get started on a sequel? Perhaps it is, because Del Toro is still working on the film, which will be out next year, not too mention the fact that he has his hands in way, way too many pies right now for future projects.

That hasn’t stopped him though, as he’ll be writing a sequel to the film with its original writer, Travis Beacham, thanks to Legendary Pictures pressuring them to do so with what was most likely a giant bag of cash with a dollar sign on it.

Beachham will co-write the script with Del Toro according to THR, although he most likely will not return to direct it. With Pacific Rim being a 2013 release, Del Toro will most likely move forward with his dream project, Crimson Peak in 2014, leaving work to begin on Pacific Rim 2 in a tentative 2015, at best.

More giant robot action? Hell, if the Japanese can make a living out of it, I can’t see why this would be such a bad idea at all.

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