Casey Affleck will be putting the squeeze on THE BOSTON STRANGLER

If you had told me back in 2006, before Gone Baby Gone was released, that 6 years from then that Ben Affleck’s younger brother Casey would become one of my favourite actors, I would have reacted with shock and amusement. “Ha ha! As if the whole Affleck family wouldn’t have already been wiped out by then in a revenge killing for Gigli! Yes the whole family – it’s the only way to be sure!

But not only is Casey and big bro Ben alive and well, but they’ve been churning out hit after hit over the last few years. And the next possible one, will have Casey looking at one of the most notorious serial killers in the 1960’s.

Deadline is reporting that Casey is looking to produce and more than likely star in a film titled Boston Strangler, that focuses on the infamous killer of the same name. Newcomer screenwriter Chuck Maclean would be adapting the true life story for Affleck and Warner Bros. Maclean doesn’t have any other feature film experience under his belt but earlier in the year he was tapped by Summit Entertainment to also adapt another true-life story, the crime thriller Storming Las Vegas, which will be directed by Antoine Fuqua.

No directors have been attached to this production yet though, which would see Affleck portraying a detective looking into the as of yet, not completely solved series of murders.

Between June 14, 1962 and January 4, 1964, Boston was rocked by the murders of 14 women, ranging from the ages of 19 to 85. Initially dubbed the Phantom Strangler due to the killer’s ability to get into his victim’s apartment, the case was seemingly closed by the capture and confession of Albert DeSalvo, but investigations into the proceedings since then have suggested that the murders were actually perpetrated by multiple people, but no additional arrests have ever been made.

If Maclean’s story focuses on that multiple killers angle, it would certainly lends itself well to a new crime thriller, and allow the writer to spin a pretty good fictional yarn intertwined with what really happened. It would also serve to differentiate itself from the Tony Curtis and Henry Fonda starring classic 1968 film The Boston Strangler, a film that was infamous for it’s use of split-screen to show various events occurring simultaneously.

Unless of course they actually are doing a remake, in which case I simply respond ” Ah, phooey!”

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