HUSH, HUSH now, it’s time for another mythical creature to appear on the big screen!

Hollywood is running out of supernatural creatures to take advantage of in the romance genre. Twilight cornered the vampire and werewolf market, Warm Bodies actually looks like a worthwhile film as it puts a neat twist on necrophilia with zombies and there’s a corner of the internet dedicated to Egyptian mummy love.

So who is prepared to be touched by an angel then?

Based on the Becca Fitzpatrick penned novels, LD Entertainment have decided to adapt her Hush, Hush Saga for the big screen. Set around the character of Nora Grey, Hush, Hush Saga finds the high school girl embroiled in an age-old conflict between heaven and earth, while she slowly falls in love with the fallen angel Patch.

Yeah, so that happens. There’s four books in the saga right now that have actually sold really, really well believe it or not, and they go by the names of Hush Hush, Crescendo, Silence and the latest one, finale.

LD Entertainment is hoping to franchise the heck out of this, and they’ve recruited Patrick Sean Smith to help get the ball rolling on an adaptation, to start filming in late 2013.

Meanwhile, I’ll be submitting my story about a university girl who crosses paths with a strangely attractive CHUD, before finding herself preggers and caught up in a battle between the mole people and the Morlocks…

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  • Time for a Best Movie Angels list, Darryn! Better make sure it includes City Of Angels and The Prophecy…

    On a side note – is anyone still saying people read less? All these novel adaptations must be some kind of a record.

    • Darryn_Bonthuys

      If I did a top ten list of angel movies, spots 1-9 would be Chris Walkens’ Prophecy films. Number ten would be click, because he was clearly a mental angel in that flick.

      • I need to rewatch those. While the first one is a cult classic (yet a strangely forgotten one), I recall the rest were a bit wobbly.

    • Blame Twilight. Everybody is trying to cash in on the Young Adult market. As an avid reader, and somebody who tries champion the agenda wherever I can, its the one thing I am grateful to Twilight for. Yes, people are reading drivel, but at least they’re reading.