Flynn lives once again, as Garrett Hedlund heads back to the sequel for TRON:LEGACY

Gasp! An actor returning for a film that performed reasonably well and that guarantees him a decent paycheck? Outrageous! Jokes aside, it’s not exactly earth-shaking news that such an occurence is happening, but it is more surprising to hear that Disney is pulling out all the stops for a third Tron film.

And they’re looking to keep things in the family, as Garrett Hedlund has confirmed that he will be zipping around on a light cycle, once again.

Hedlund, who threw discs around as Sam Flynn confirmed to  NextMovie that he would be back, and that “Disney’s very excited”. “That’s about that. You know, yeah, I’m very excited, Disney’s very excited.”

Right now, it looks like Joseph Kosinski will once again direct, after Jesse Wigutow finishes up on the latest script. Olivia Wilde is also rumoured to be returning to the grid, but as for Hedlund, before he steps back to start another fight with CLU, he’ll be seen next in On the Road.




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  • Woo! I don’t know if people are really exited for this news but I’m happy as hell. Can’t wait for another TRON.