Olivier Megaton is all set for TAKING GOTHAM

Jeez, I know things are bad in Gotham City right now, what with Batman and Bane duking it out in a no mans land environment, but this new Megaton villain sounds a tad extreme.

Wait, that’s the name of the director? And it has nothing to do with a surprise fourth Batman film? Well…damn.

Instead, what we’ll be seeing from the Taken 2 director is a different breed of vigilante, one dealing with covert ops, corruption and betrayal. Here’s the official synopsis for the film;

A secret unit of the NYPD is created in response to a string of brutal robberies in New York City. After a deadly sting operation, the elite unit is disavowed by the NYPD, forcing them to go deep underground in order to clear their names.

Sounds like a decent film, and with a $60 million budget for explosions and car chases, it could be something special. Megaton starts shooting Taking Gotham, next year March.

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