So you thought Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot sounded bad?

So you may have heard of this new Ninja Turtles reboot that Michael Bay is producing, the one where the Turtles are now aliens? Yeah, nobody would hold it against you if you cried some big fanboy tears about it. But there’s still some hope, right? I mean, Kevin Eastman, one of the Turtles’ original creator is involved, and he says that it’s going to be awesome, right? RIGHT?!

After seeing this concept art that Eastman did in the 1990’s for a proposed fourth movie though, I’m suddenly experiencing an even bigger sense of dread about this new film.

Tentatively titled TMNT: The Next Mutation, this fourth film would have been released in the late 1990’s but never got pass the drawing board stage. Now these pieces of Eastman’s concept art for that project, which have finally been unveiled thanks to them going up for auction, clearly shows us why it was turned down.

Here’s the description of the contents on the auction page (courtesy of CBM), as well as a description of the film and the origin of the new fifth turtle Kirby:

“The fourth live-action TMNT film was pitched and originally scripted as a grittier, less kid-friendly adventure, and to that end Kevin Eastman designed a more brutish, hardcore fifth Turtle, named for the legendary King of Comics (Jack Kirby).”

Kasey Jones has electric hands, Shredder looks like he’s the lost band member of KISS, the new turtle Kirby (the King is turning in his grave) has all kinds of weird body paint and April O’Neil is suddenly all evil and spiky and has ridiculously perky breasts whose nipples can be seen right through her skin tight clothing. Yeah, this is all kinds of stupid.

Eastman is a decent enough artist, but he clearly is not a design guy. Let’s just hope that his input on the new film doesn’t involve him doing anything other than asking where to sign for the royalty cheque.

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