Jean Dujardin gets back to the other side in this new tri-lingual trailer for MOBIUS. Plus 2 new character posters

If you get turned off by movie subtitles, then you’re going to want to stop right now and do something else with your time. For the rest of you who don’t actually mind a bit of reading (or learning another language, in this case), then you can click through to see the newly released international trailer for writer-director Eric Rochant’s rather good looking espionage thriller, Mobius.

Oh and I really mean “international trailer”. The film feature English, French and Russian being spoken, and not all of it subtitled, but you should be able to still get the gist of it. I hope.

Moïse (Jean Dujardin), the leader of an elite FSB (ex-KGB) unit, is in London on the trail of a powerful oligarch (Tim Roth) suspected of money laundering. His team bullies Alice (Cecile De France), a smart young trader operating way over her limit, into working for Moïse.

Alice soon realizes the potential for profit in playing both sides so everybody wins, but Moïse becomes convinced she will blow her cover and put her life in danger. He decides to do what no spymaster should ever do – make direct contact with his agent. An innocent first meeting soon develops into a passionate affair that will change their lives forever, just not in the way they expected.

The first teaser trailer was very Inception-esque in it’s feel, giving the film more of a heist feel, but here we can now start to see more of the human drama and spy games that it actually brings to the table. After garnering endless international attention with The Artist, Dujardin is poised to make the leap to true Hollywood leading man status, and this certainly does not appear to be doing anything to harm those chances.

Along with that trailer, two new character posters have also been released featuring leads Dujardin and De France, respectively. Nothing for Tim Roth though. Shame, Mr Orange always gets the short end of the stick.

There’s currently no international release date set for the movie yet, but it opens in France on 27 February, 2012.

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    Tim Roth was Mr Orange 🙂

    • Did I say Pink? Damn, either I’m getting old, or my wife’s continuous playing of that pop star’s music is finally getting to me 🙂

  • Looks interesting.