Bradley Cooper is getting ready for a DARK INVASION

…And no, I’m not talking about a visit to his proctologist! Bradley Cooper was an actor that was around for years, hanging around the fringes. But his big break came, just like it did for so many other young actors, when he got so wasted that he couldn’t remember who/what he did the night before.

Since The Hangover, he has become one of Hollywood’s most rapidly rising stars, and a buckler of lady knees everywhere, and who better to protect America against some turn of the century German spies than a member of the A-Team? 

Dark Invasion will be based on Howard Blum’s upcoming true spy novel of the same name – for which Warner Bros is apparently paying the author a “high six figure” sum – which takes place in 1915 and looks at how the German Kaiser’s Secret Service tried to stop America from joining World War I on the side of the Allies, by infiltrating the country with spies who began a campaign of covert as well as overt sabotage and bombings. Deadline reports that Cooper is expected to play New York police captain Tom Tunney, a man who headed the group charged with finding and eradicating the German spies. The modern Dept of Homeland Security would become the spiritual successor of sorts to Tunney’s group.

Cooper is of course coming fresh off his first Oscar nomination for Silver Linings Playbook, in which he plays a certifiably crazy man who runs around in a black garbage bag, yet still manages to pull the super hot Jennifer Lawrence (seriously), so stopping a couple of spies should be easy.

Blum’s novel will be released later this year, on the very significant date of September 11.

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  • Decembermaloy

    Before the fame he was in a series called Kitchen Confidential, awesome show, I just wish it wasn’t cancelled…