You won’t survive the red band trailer terror of TASMANIAN DEVILS

Sometimes you get B movies, and then you get movies which were held over a year and still need to attend summer school so that it can make that passing H grade. I’m of the opinion that Tasmanian Devils falls into the latter category, but I’m going to give it some gory points for trying at least, as SyFy Films gets ready to release a movie which unfortunately does not star the beloved Looney Tunes character.

From that trailer, it’s clear that no one is going to watch the film for a solid story or some Oscar-worthy acting. But holy hell, just look at those special and practical effects! That’s thanks to director Zach Lipovsky, who happens to be a special effects level 89 wizard that showed off some of his craft on the Steven Spielberg show On the lot.

Some amazing and bloody special effects aside, the film stars Winnie “The Wonder Years” Cooper, alongside Apolo Ohno and several other who’s available actors. So come to Tasmania, come to Tasmania!

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  • Decembermaloy

    The looks of agony on the actor’s faces must stem from the fact that they regretted not starring in a porn film instead of this crap…

    • Andre116

      Now, now. Not everyone has the talent and acting skills to appear star in porn.

  • Did Winnie from the Wonder Years ever stop being hot?

    Seeing her in that trailer, I felt myself regressing to pre-puberty