There’s lots of pain and lots of gain in this trailer for THE BRASS TEAPOT

We’ve all been there: You’ve stubbed your toe, bashed your shin on a desk or had Belgian some man kick your leg repeatedly until it resembled tenderized steak. And in those moments, when you’re fighting back the tears and cursing the gods in four letter words, it doesn’t seem like anything would make it better, right?

How about money? Lots and lots of money. Every single time you hurt yourself, you magically just get money. Sadomaschism suddenly starts to look very appealing, hey? But let Juno Temple and Michael Angarano tell you the dangers of that.

The Brass Teapot follows a small-town couple, John and Alice. They are married, very much in love, and broke. Once voted “most likely to succeed,” Alice struggles to make ends meet while her friends enjoy the good life. Her husband John, neurotic and riddled with phobias, just wants to get the bills paid. But an accident leads them to a roadside antique shop where Alice is spontaneously drawn to a mysterious brass teapot. It isn’t long before they realize that this is no ordinary teapot and that perhaps they have found the answer to all of their financial woes.

If you’re wondering why Michael Angarano looks so familiar, just like I did, that’s because he was the annoying teenage kid getting in the way of me watching Jet Li and Jackie Chan kick each other’s behinds in The Forbidden Kingdom.

MPDG Juno Temple has been skirting around the edges of stardom for a while now, but she seems content to avoid the mainstream and star in quirky affairs like this debut feature film effort from acclaimed music video, commercials and documentary director Ramaa Mosely.

Temple spoke to earlier in the year about what drew her to the script.

“I like scripts with a moral and that’s a great message to send that money doesn’t make you happy. It really doesn’t. That’s what that script is about and it was great fun to shoot. I go from being very, very poor to very, very rich and some of the costumes are very cool.”

I’m sorry Ms Temple, but I’d prefer to test out that whole “money doesn’t make you happy” theory for myself. Preferably with lots of money.

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