Death Wish director Michael Winner has passed away

We kick off today with a bit sad news. Michael Winner may have become more well known in the last few years as a restaurant critic for the Sunday Times, but the Englishman was actually a veteran director of some of the biggest films of the 1970’s in the form of Death WishThe Big SleepScorpio and much more.

Unfortunately, the 77-year old Winner passed away a few days ago, succumbing to health problems he has been experiencing since 2006, when he contracted a rare infection from eating bad oysters.

Although he had 41 titles in his filmography, he will always be remembered best for his collaborations with Charles Bronson, specifically the Death Wish series. This legacy was something that Winner was fully aware of, as he explained to news publication The Big Issue last year:

“When I die, it’s going to be ‘Death Wish director dies. I don’t mind though — Death Wish was an epoch-making film. The first film in the history of cinema where the hero kills other civilians. It had never been done before. Since then it has been the most copied film ever. Tarantino put it in his top 10 films ever made.”

Winner’s statements proved eerily prophetic, it would seem. Director Joe Carnahan (NARC, Smoking Aces, The A-Team, The Grey) was previously reported as having plans to write/direct a modern remake of the vigilante classic.

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