Win some double movie tickets with Ster Kinekor and DJANGO UNCHAINED

Movies movies movies, who wants to see some movies? Answer: You, yes you! We’ve got another competition today, and it’s a simple one. Two double tickets from Ster Kinekor and Django Unchained are up for grabs, and all you have to do is leave a comment to enter. Competition is open to anyone living in South Africa.

So what will you watch? Wreck-It Ralph? That new Quentin Tarantino movie that is decorating our website? Les Miserables? The choice, is up to you. If you win that is. Good luck chaps!

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  • GooseZA

    I could use some free movie tickets =)

  • Tracy

    Hey cool, yes please! Must see Wreck-It Ralph

  • DieJason

    YES PLEASE. Django and Ralph need to be seen

  • Noelle Adams

    I worked out I have 4 “must watch” films to see at the moment. Free tickets would be handy (if I’m allowed to enter:))

  • Wayne Bossenger

    please sir, could i have a golden movie ticket…

  • Chris Muller

    Think i’ll for Django. Looks awesome :)

  • James Francis


  • Ilden Webber

    I’ve got a golden ticket! Hopefully!

  • Raven

    Even though I’ve seen them both twice already, I’d go watch Looper and Django Unchained again! Amazing movies. Or maybe Argo. Or maybe Anna Karenina.

  • Kashmiri

    Well I’ve seen Django Unchained and totally loved Wreck it Ralph – would love to go to Les Miserables!

  • xdvd

    I saw Wreck it Ralph, so Django it is

  • Lauren

    Need to watch this movie please give me those tickets :)

  • David Muller

    TIckets would be nice :)

  • Trebzz

    I wouldn’t mind watching Django again so yes please :)

  • Lynne Morland

    Would watch any of them, would be happy to win tickets :)

  • ElNicko

    free movie tickets would make up for a crummy week – Django or Wreck-it Ralph would be amazing

  • SuperVundu

    Getting tickets to Django Unchained, will not only make my girlfriend very very happy, but she will also give me a night from being her slave.

    Mind you, Les Miserables would also be awesome – she actually played the role of Cosette in the SA production in the 1990s.

  • Shirley Berko

    Willing to trade an inconsiderate, meowling furbag with no concept of reasonable breakfasting hours for said tickets. May even give you the cat anyway. Would like to go watch Wreck it Ralph. Mostly to get away from complaining cat. So much meowing.

  • m3n4ce

    Breek dit Willie will be the one for me!!

  • Paul

    Please pick me


    pick me, pick me, pick me…………….pick me PRETTY PLEASE

  • D03

    Reminds me of the first time I saw titties on paper…

  • Lourens Corleone

    Django. I need to see Django!

  • Dewald Batt

    I shall have these tickets, for they are mine and mine alone.

  • David Pilkington

    Come one guys, score me some tickets please? If this is still open that is…

  • LadyAnne

    awesome, want to watch this

  • steven korb

    who won the tickets????????????? if no-one yet let it be meeeeeeeeee because im awsome and i want it nowwwwww………………..

    • Major Commodore 64 Darryn B

      The results, tomorrow kemosabe! Stay tuned!

  • lauren