And the Ster Kinekor double ticket winners are…

You’ve been patient. You’ve waited, and now, you’re going to find out just who exactly the winners are of the double tickets that Ster Kinekor and Django Unchained has up for grabs. So prepare yourself, grab a warm top and empty that bladder, because the following folks are going to be watching a film of their choice soon.

And the winners are…


Shirley Berko and David Muller! Also, I Shirley do not want your cat. For the rest of you, gaze at the list and shake your fists in anger at not winning. Good luck with our next competition! Big thanks to Ster Kinekor and Django Unchained for supporting this quick competition.

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  • #8! Nooooo! I have to PAY to go watch Wreck-It Ralph in the cinema now? Thanks for nothing!

    P.S. please ignore the fact I won something else last week

  • ElNicko

    #4….So close – you win again….Gratz to the winners.

  • GooseZA

    NOOOOO!!!!! 3rd!!


    Congrats to the winners

  • YAY! A few hours off from meowling cat in a cinema far far away. THANK YOU!

  • Well Huzzah!

  • These contests are clearly fixed. Darryn releases a butterfly a week beforehand to influence the randomness.