Rumour: Stand-alone STAR WARS movie could Yoda get?

Despite the fact that Zack Snyder’s rumoured standalone Star Wars/Seven Samurai movie was shot down quicker than it showed up, we know that there still are spinoff movies in the works. So what will they be about?

Well according to AICN, the first spinoff will be featuring everybody’s favourite broken English speaking, wrinkly old midget with the funny ears. No, not Darryn, I’m talking about Yoda!

AICN doesn’t clearly cite their sources, but it sounds like they may be getting their info from somebody over at Imagineering, the company that was to build a new Wizard of Oz park for Disney. But now it looks like those plans have been put on hold in favour of a Star Wars centric attraction to tie into the new films. And they’re saying that those new standalone films will not be introducing new characters, like the main Episodes will do, but rather exploring established characters.

And the first of those established characters would be Master Yoda, the almost 900 year old Jedi Master, who taught kids around the world to speak really bad.

There’s no further info yet, from either other sources or from Disney/Lucasfilm, but judging by how quickly we got a response about the last standalone film, word soon we should get. Crap, I mean, we should be getting word soon. Stupid Yoda speech patterns.

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