Director Tommy Wirkola is heading back out into some more DEAD SNOW

He’s been messing around with some steampunk/Matrix cosplay/leather fetish/vampire slaying/who the hell really knows stuff over in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunter, but now it’s confirmed that director Tommy Wirkola will be returning to helm the sequel to the movie that first brought him to international attention, the 2009 Norwegian comedy horror Dead Snow.

It looks like you just can’t keep a good Nazi zombie down!

The news broke via ScreenDaily, who reports that the sequel, titled Dead Snow: War of the Dead (anybody else disappointed it’s not Dead Snow 2: Deader Snow?) will follow “the sole survivor of a Nazi zombie attack who battles an even larger army of Zombies with the help of the Zombie Squad, a professional gang of zombie killers from the US.”

Wirkola issued an official statement about the sequel:

“I am delighted to step back into the world of Nazi zombies yet again with Dead Snow: War Of The Dead, a world that is very close to my heart,” said Wirkola.

“Ever since we premiered Dead Snow at Sundance 2009, I’ve been getting questions on a sequel, and now, afterHansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters has been released, the time is finally right.”

“We have a script that I am super excited about, which is bigger, scarier, funnier, more action-filled and gorier than the previous one, and I can’t wait to unleash another horde of undead Nazi zombies onto the world again.”

It’s still a tad too early for any release date info, but it’s been confirmed that the film will be released on both English and Norwegian, so get ready for the cry for some “Hjeeeerneeeer!”

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  • Yes! And now that I’ve learned he directed Hansel & Gretel, I just have to watch that.