Live by the gun, die again and again by the gun in this GALLOWWALKERS trailer

You can’t keep a good zombie down, and that goes double for actors who enjoy a side of tax-dodging with their prison sentences. Wesley Snipes may have had an undisputed (trolololol) stint in the joint, but he’s back in action and most likely in need of a decent payday.

And in Gallowwalkers, it looks like Snipes has been unchained to take down the undead cowboys of the old west.And it actually looks better than it sounds. Gallowwalkers may not be a film with a Lone Ranger budget, but the production looks pretty decent overall, and Snipes doesn’t appear to be phoning it in for his latest film. Plus a western with a touch of the supernatural? Hell, if it worked for ol’ Abe Lincoln, there’s no reason why it can’t do the same for this flick either. The film has been sitting on shelves for four years now, and it finally looks ready to release.

Starring Snipes as Aman, the sun of a nun cursed by Deity Maximus to forever hunt the men who died by his own hand, Aman is then faced with a gang seeking vengeance on him. Because he killed them first for killing his sweetheart. Awww.

Andrew Goth directs Gallowwalkers, which also stars Kevin Howarth and Riley Smith.


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  • Sir Captain Rincethis

    Still not sure of the cause and effect in this. A kills B, B comes back because A killed B. If B then comes back and is killed AGAIN by A, does that mean B comes back as a C and tries to kill A, who in tern creates another D… MY BRAIN HURTS! 0-o

    • Major Commodore 64 Darryn B

      You kin take your maths and GIT OUT!

  • Trevor Davies

    His name is “a man”? Bit generic :/