Seth MacFarlane won’t host the Oscars again

The Oscars are over and done with now, and while the world clearly has a new level of love for Jennifer Lawrence, Seth MacFarlane hasn’t been as lucky. As the host of the event, reception has been mixed so far, with some saying that his level of comedy was a tad too sexist. Still, the man brought in some healthy viewing numbers, especially from the younger demographics this year.

But don’t expect MacFarlane to reprise that gig again. He’s not too keen on taking on that responsibility again.

Asked by a fan as to whether or not he’d be back, MacFarlane replied with a swift “No way”.

Not that this is much of a shocker. MacFarlane told press in the lead-up to the event that the Oscars would be a  “a one-time thing for me,” due to his very busy schedule. And with some negative venting from the audience on his hosting skills, it looks like the Academy is going to need to find a new host for next year once again.

Billy Crystal is getting kind of old as it is. And rubbery.

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  • Banana Jim

    “We saw your boobs”

  • I don’t know hey, Reddit has been very appreciative of McFarlane’s stint on the Oscars.