And your JURASSIC PARK 4 director is…

There were a couple stories floating around yesterday saying that Hollywood’s favourite Jewish son (and there sure are a lot to choose from), Steven Spielberg, would be returning to the franchise that he made famous by picking up the reins on Jurassic Park 4. I never reported it though because the story looked flimsier than a WWE referee.

It’s a good thing I held my proverbial tongue because in the early hours of this morning the real director was announced. And if you guessed “Colin Treverrow” to be that director, well then all I have to say is “Clever girl…”

The announcement came via Jurassic Park franchise producer Frank Marshall, who tweeted the following:

@LeDoctor: “Thrilled to have director on JP4, Colin Trevorrow, an exciting young filmmaker who understands and respects the world that is Jurassic Park.”

And this is the part where a bunch of you guys now go “Who?” Your uncanny owl impersonations are not unjustified though as Treverrow is certainly no Spielberg-level household name, having only one feature film credit to his name. That credit would be Safety Not Guaranteed though, the rather charming critically acclaimed indie hit from last year. Now for those of you who haven’t seen it (and you really should) Safety was a sorta romance, sorta comedy, sorta sci-fi-, micro-budget, Sundance Festival-ly kind of film, i.e almost the exact opposite of everything Jurassic Park.

What Treverrow has going for him though is a combination of clearly visible talent as well as a huge affinity for these modern classic sci-fi films. It was this combination and his hints that he was busy developing something that had to do with a hugely popular film from a couple decades ago, that had his name on just about everybody’s list of potential Star Wars: Episode VII directors (before JJ Abrams came along to scoop up all the Star’s while he cackled maniacally and stroked a white cat).

That mystery project ended up being a remake of 80’s hit, Flight of the Navigator, which everybody assumed would be his next gig. Now though, it looks like sentient alien spaceships will have to make way for genetically cloned dinosaurs – which may just be the coolest sentence I have ever written – as early reports are that Jurassic Park 4 is scheduled for a July 2014 release date. With the amount of VFX, both practical and CG, that would need to be involved for this, he’s going to have to get to work pretty quickly, because as the saying goes, “the early raptor catches the Aussie hunter who doesn’t follow his own advice when hunting raptors”. Well, something like that.

Treverrow is an unorthodox, but certainly inspired choice, and with Rise of the Planet of the Apes‘ Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver penning the script, this could turn into one T-rexic sequel.

OK, that last pun was horrible. I apologize. 

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  • FUN FACT: Danny Carry the drummer from Tool was one of the sculptures that made the Dino’s in the original Jurassic Park.

  • Oh, very nice with that little “Clever girl” reference