Meet Hollywood’s fixer in this first trailer and pilot episode for RAY DONOVAN

I like to think that we’re in a much better age of television right now. The medium has finally grown up, and with online services forcing networks to not actually always rely on antiquated systems in order to get a new TV series greenlit, we’re seeing a lot more quality making it’s way onto the big screen.

Which is probably why myself and Kervyn failed to get our detective show, where I played the part of a leading tree bark specialist who teams up with Kervyns’ full of nonsense cop, Detective John Stone to solve weekly mysteries at Kruger Park, in Stix and Stones.  That pitch failed. But Ray Donovan might succeed where we failed. Terribly.

ray (1)

Starring Liev Schrieber as the title character and not a retarded mutant with Twilight genetics out of Wolverine, the show deals with the seedier side of Hollywood. Tinsel Town has secrets, and a lot of problems which require the assistance of a fixer in order to solve.

That’s where Donovan comes in, with his high-priced services, but when his father (Jon Voight) is released early from jail, his life gets turned upside down so take a minute and sit right back, and watch the story of show set in LA. Or you can watch the full pilot episode. It’s all up to you.

Ray Donovan starts fixing things on June 30.

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  • Rinceyouropinion

    he lands just around the same time as Dexter I believe?

  • James Francis

    I’ve been waiting for this. The theme is very interesting, so is the cast. And Liev Schrieber is chronically underrated.