The next Terminator film gets a release date, will be the first of a new trilogy

You can’t keep a good franchise down, and with Terminator having been successfully fished out of a molten steel forge yet again (Thanks fer nothin’ McG!), plans are in place to keep the killer robot property on course for a new release. Scratch that, I meant several new releases, as the next film will be kickstarting a brand new trilogy.

But at least this time, we’ll see the future coming, as the first of those films has had a release date announced.


Teaming up like a glorious Voltron of production companies, Paramount has combined forces with Annapurna pictures and Skydance Productions in order to get the next Terminator film in theatres by June 26, 2015. Laeta “Avatar” Kalogridis and Patrick “Drive Angry” Lussier will be writing the screenplay for the project, with David “World War Z” Ellison and Megan “Spring Breakers” Ellison producing.

Man, I loved the Terminator films, and even parts of the McG abortion, but I’m just not certain that the world needs more T-800 action. The films have aged well, and the tale has been told across past, present and future quite thoroughly. As for that preemptive release date attack? I predict a delay or two on the way.


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  • CypherGate0

    I dont mind these movies being released. It just needs to be done well.

    • Kromas

      If this one fails we know he’ll be back …. to try again 😛

      • cypergate0

        lol WELL SAID!

    • Justin Hess

      It won’t